Resource Scheduling and Management Solutions for public transportation


Each of SISCOG Suite products — ONTIME, FLEET, RAILNODE and CREWS — is composed of several independent but fully integrated modules that address the whole resource scheduling and management cycle in transportation companies.

These modular, flexible and integrated solutions interface easily with other systems, allowing for long-term scheduling to real-time dispatching and post operation analysis.

With powerful optimization capabilities, you can expect significant reductions in costs and scheduling time, benefit from the possibility of developing what-if scenarios, quick and easily recover from disruptions, schedule from scratch and reschedule an existing schedule when reality changes.

Available with multiple decision support levels - manual, semi-automatic and automatic - and a web & mobile based interaction.

Extensive reporting is also possible, including decisive key performance indicators and other statistics to assess performance.

On-premises or in the cloud solution.


To guarantee an optimized solution, all products are standard but fully customisable to the reality and needs of each individual transportation company, while including significant parameterization capabilities.

SISCOG Products


Creation and Management of Timetables

ONTIME is a standard decision support product that creates and manages optimized train schedules (timetables), with the creation of services and network allocation over time, considering passenger demand, and operational constraints (for example, network capacity).

ONTIME produces annual train schedules (timetables) down to day-to-day adjustments due to special events, such as holidays, large-scale events, and track engineering work.

ONTIME guarantees all of this, and more.

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Scheduling and Management of Vehicles

FLEET is a standard decision support product that creates and manages optimized vehicle schedules, considering expected passenger demand figures, train schedules (timetables), network, vehicle specifications and needs, and operational constraints/rules.

FLEET produces long-term balanced routings or cyclic rosters, short-term calendar schedules, handles scheduled vehicle inspections, maintenance and other services, and provides decision support during the day of operation. In the calendar schedule, vehicles can be allocated to balanced routings following irregular patterns or following regular rotation patterns based on cyclic rosters.

FLEET guarantees all of this, and more.

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Scheduling and Management of Local Resources

RAILNODE is a standard decision support product that creates and manages optimized local resources schedules, considering the local network infrastructure, train schedules (timetables), train consists and local tasks that may require vehicle movements (e.g. maintenance tasks).

RAILNODE produces schedules for local  movements (in stations, parks, or shunting  yards) and the interaction with ONTIME and  FLEET (train and vehicle scheduling  products) allows the adjustment of macro scheduling to achieve a better overall schedule.

RAILNODE guarantees all of this, and more.

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Scheduling and Management of Staff

CREWS is an award-winning standard decision support product that creates and manages optimized staff schedules, including both on-board and local staff, considering train schedules (timetables) and vehicle schedules, staff skills and preferences, labor and operational constraints / rules. 

CREWS produces long-term runs and cyclic rosters, short-term calendar schedules, and provides decision support during the day of operation. In the short-term calendar schedule, staff can be allocated to runs following irregular patterns (e.g. according to staff preferences) or following regular rotation patterns based on the cyclic rosters.

CREWS guarantees all of this, and more.

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Empowering the user

We understand how important it is for a scheduler or dispatcher to feel supported during the scheduling or dispatching process and control the output of his work.

So we cater multilevel decision support in our products, where the user may schedule manual, semi-automatic or automatically, benefiting from very intuitive graphical user interfaces (GUI) and several usability features.

By using the manual mode, our product acts as a computer-aided graphical scheduling tool signalling violations. With the semi-automatic mode the product suggests different alternatives. With the automatic mode an optimized solution is presented, either using default parameters or previously inserted restrictions and goals. The process may start in any mode and resort to any mode at any time.

Decision-support Levels



  • Optimizers combine the use of Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research  techniques
  • Obtain optimized solutions for different kinds and sizes of scheduling problems
  • Optimize several (and sometimes conflicting) goals at the same time

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Quality & Innovation

Quality and Innovation are at the heart of everything we do

These are key to SISCOG´s successful products and systems, and are powered by devoted teams, by abiding industry standards, monitoring international trends and advancements in the state-of-the-art, and listening to clients' suggestions and needs.

SISCOG has been investing on research, development and innovation (RD&I) from inception, and since 2003 dedicated an entire department to RD&I. In this lab, a team of highly-skilled researchers, develop and improve optimization models used to solve resource scheduling challenges faced by transportation companies. The work is done internally but also in partnership with other research labs, universities and even clients.

This positioning is consistently recognised through published papers, awards and our clients’ continuous use of the systems.

SISCOG maintains an Integrated Management System that includes the principles of the Quality and the Research, Development and Innovation management standards (ISO 9001 and NP EN 4457, respectively).


Global recognition for our unique optimization solutions have resulted in numerous and prestigious awards, such as

  • 2015


    “Best Practice Paper Award” at CASPT, Conference on Advanced Systems in Public Transport, for a paper co-developed with the Dutch Railway (NS), “Security crew scheduling at Netherlands Railways”.

  • AAAI Innovation Application Awards

    2012, 2003, 1997

    “Innovation Application Award” by the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, the most prestigious scientific organisation in the field worldwide.

  • Innovation COTEC-Unicer 2010 Award


    Honourable mention for the CREWS Real-time Dispatcher product in the “Innovation Awards COTEC-Unicer”.

  • Computerworld Honors Program 2016 Award


    Medal of merit by the “Computerworld Honors Program” and qualification among the top five contributions in the transportation category.