Work-life Balance Policy

SISCOG recognises the importance of fostering a healthy work-life balance for its employees and believes that a balanced approach to work and personal life not only enhances individual well-being but also contributes to increase productivity and creativity in the workplace.

Based on the principles of respect for the rights and dignity of employees, and aligned with the purpose, principles, and core values of the company, such as "Respect", "Trust", and "Excellence", this policy outlines SISCOG’s commitment to support its employees in achieving their work-life balance.

This commitment is integrated into SISCOG's Management System, under the scope of work-life balance and supported by the company's strategic goals. Therefore, it is materialised in new ways of organising work, time and priority management, human capital policies, training and development of soft skills, and social benefits.

Within this scope, SISCOG commits to the following:

  • To reinforce communication and engagement channels with employees and management to identify employees’ and company’s needs and expectations;
  • To adapt, whenever possible, its internal human capital policies in order to respond to employees’ needs;
  • To implement work-life balance programs and initiatives that respond to legal and other relevant stakeholders' requirements;
  • To ensure the system’s performance monitoring and continuous improvement in order to enhance its effectiveness and efficiency on fulfilling SISCOG's work-life balance commitment.